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Co warto jeść jesienią według ajurwedy?
22 paź 2023

What is worth eating in autumn according to ayurveda?

As the leaves begin to fall and the days get shorter and cooler, it’s worth taking a fresh look at your diet. It’s natural that your body will need something completely different in the following months than it did in the hot, engaging days of summer.

Autumn and winter is a time of calm, dryness and cold, which should be balanced by a well-rounded diet and nutritious food. This way your balance will not be disturbed, you will not feel fatigue, autumn solstice and you will not freeze, which is important, especially if your dominant dosha is Vata or Kapha. In this post, I’ll give you a hint about what to eat in autumn according to ayurveda. How to compose your meals, what flavors to reach for and what to keep in mind, regardless of the constitutional type you represent.

Ayurveda in my life

Why am I sharing this knowledge with you? I have been following the path of Ayurveda for more than 10 years. Her guidance has had a very good impact on many areas of my life. I am constantly deepening Ayurvedic knowledge and practicing it, observing how it affects my daily life. I am a level III ayurveda consultant. I have completed numerous courses in Poland, but also at the Jiva Institute in India.

I would like to infect you with this knowledge, because I believe that Ayurveda gives a very simple, but also extremely valuable recipe on how to live a better life, in harmony with the needs of your body, but also with the nature of man. Its principles are very intuitive, as long as you learn the basics.

If you don’t know what Ayurveda is, its basic tenets and how it can affect your health and well-being – I encourage you to take a look at this video on my YouTube channel:

Basic principles of ayurveda

Ayurveda is the world’s oldest medicine, which originated in India. It counts more than 5,000 years of existence. She is the mother of all healing arts. It is from her that, among other things, it originated. Chinese medicine, homeopathy or even modern medicine.

One of the pillars of ayurveda is the concept of the universe, or everything around us based on the 5 elements: water, air, fire, space and earth. These elements manifest themselves in three energies, which we call dojos. These include Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

They appear in each of us, only that in different proportions. What are their characteristics? Of course, the topic is very complex, but for the purpose of this post, it is worth understanding, at least the basics.

Vata – combines space and air
Pitta – is primarily fire
Kapha – connects water and earth

Each of us has a dominant dosha or a combination of two. It is the innate energy with which we come into the world and which we should strive to balance, according to Ayurveda.

Not sure what kind of dosha you are? On my site you can take a test to find out your constitutional type, or the nature of your body. You can find it here, at the bottom of the page: test what dosha you are.

Autumn according to ayurveda

Autumn, according to Ayurveda, is associated with the Vata dosha , which is dry, windy and changeable. The element of air and space dominates. It’s getting chilly outside. The leaves creak under our boots, and we wrap ourselves in more layers. This is a time of tranquility, peace and rest.

What can we do to offset the increased impact of the windy, dry autumn on our energy? First of all, we should balance it with something completely opposite, i.e. what is warm, thick, oily – grounded in the earth, lighting the fire of our body. Below I’ve gathered some nutrition tips to help you balance autumn.

What to eat in autumn? Ayurvedic diet

Foods better avoided in autumn according to ayurveda

In autumn, it’s a good idea to avoid things that contain a lot of space and air. For example, it’s better to give up eating popcorn or dry, crunchy bread. It is also worth watching out for vegetables that can cause gas in our intestines , including broccoli, cauliflower. The same goes for dried fruits, nuts, beans or peas. If you want to consume them, it’s a good idea to soak them beforehand.

We are also avoiding millet groats. If it is an important part of your diet, pay attention to what time of day you eat it, as it does not benefit everyone. People who have impaired glucose-insulin metabolism should permanently give up their morning lamb meals.

It is worth knowing that millet groats have the property of absorbing water, so that in the autumn, dry season, it extracts it from our body, which may not serve us well.

Eating well in autumn according to ayurveda

First of all, our meals should be sweet, sour or salty. In addition, it is advisable to reach for thick, thick and oily products that warm and moisturize the body.

We cook one-pot dishes and warm, nourishing soups based on products that come from the earth, e.g. carrots, parsley, beets. The exception is white potatoes.

We should adjust our diet according to our body’s individual needs, not necessarily taste. It is worth considering what our body needs, what can nourish us from within, and plan our meals based on this.

What is worth drinking in autumn according to ayurveda?

We avoid fresh smoothies based on raw fruits and vegetables. We reach for hydrating compotes, herbal infusions and warm infusions that will rehydrate and warm the body. For this purpose, it is advisable to get a thermos or thermal bottle that holds the temperature.

Autumn supplements

Supplements are always selected on the basis of current medical examinations. They should be dosed individually, according to your needs.

If you don’t know what supplements to choose, I recommend JIVA brand supplements, which you can order from my online store. These are products based on natural ingredients, sourced from the institute where I learn ayurveda.

During the autumn season, for example, it is worth reaching for ashwaganda, which strengthens the nervous system, eliminates stress, fatigue, hypertension, improves immunity and gives strength.

In addition, women can reach for shatavari, an herb that regulates estrogen levels in the female body. You can read more about the power of this Indian secret here: Natural Rejuvenation and the Power of the Shatavari Herb.

Autumn is the time to surround yourself with warmth

Just preparing meals is not enough, of course. It is also worthwhile during the autumn period to surround ourselves with warm relationships, kindness, conversations and meetings that bring warm emotions to the heart. It also balances Vate.

In addition, we wrap ourselves in warm sweaters and blankets, preferably made of natural fibers. We take care of the warm atmosphere around us. We build an atmosphere in our home, light candles, create a warm atmosphere that warms us up.

Autumn massages

I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t mention body and facial massage at the end. For example, you can massage the most important marma point, which is located on the top of our head. Stimulation of this area, will allow you to balance the body, which promotes autumn balance.

Here you will find a recording of a sample facial massage with elements of marma massage:

If you have additional questions – take advantage of individual consultation. During the meeting I will suggest how to take care of your appearance and well-being holistically, taking into account facial yoga exercises, regular self-massages, but also living in accordance with the spirit of Ayurveda.

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