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Individual training of facial muscles

With the passage of time, the face loses its shape and takes on a different expression. Genes, the expressiveness of facial expressions and the quality of daily skin care determine when the first changes occur and how they develop. But one thing is certain: you also have a very strong influence on how your face will look in the future.

What can you do? Advertisements hint at an innovative line of cosmetics, a treatment to subdue 10 years, Botox. How will you react if I say you don’t need it at all? The best solution is within you, it is your body that knows the correct answer. It is the training of facial muscles. I will teach you how to perform it correctly and quickly enjoy the results – a younger appearance and a better mood.


Here you will find an offer of consultation, which we will complete in the smallest possible group, that is, two people – you and me. Together, at your pace, we will go through theory and practice.

Choose the range that interests you, and if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, I guarantee that together we will develop a program tailored to you and your body. You can choose a specific area of the face you want to work on, an entire package covering the face and neck, or an individual hour-long session dedicated to your needs identified at the outset.

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Detailed description

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