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10 zasad pięknego, młodego wyglądu, które możesz zastosować od razu

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Take a close look at your selfie. Mark the zones you want to work on on the graphic (downloadable). If the traits in question have always been with you and look similar in any of your parents or grandparents, they are genetically programmed and cannot be influenced by natural methods.

I also suggest recording yourself with your phone while speaking (e.g., tell yourself a story for a few minutes). Watch the late video and see how your face behaves when you speak, what kind of expression you have, whether you wrinkle your forehead or raise your eyebrows, for example. Also, ask people close to you who are often with you if they notice any characteristic facial expressions in you, e.g. “pulling the lips together,” squinting the eyes, etc.

These tasks are so that you get to know your face more thoroughly and have a greater awareness of why certain changes may have occurred in you and what habits to eliminate.

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