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poduszki przeciwzmarszczkowe z certyfikatem
Loog bye bye wrinkles

Working with clients, I noticed that some wrinkles, despite exercise and massage, are more resistant to changes.

At home, I also noticed that the lion's wrinkle after the night was more defined than during the day, and this was something strange for me – a lion's wrinkle occurs due to a wrinkled forehead and constant muscle contracture, but at night the muscles relax. Isn't sleep, contrary to popular belief, the best elixir of beauty?

The way you sleep reflects the appearance of your face, and sleep wrinkles that are fixed during sleep are often confused with wrinkles that occur due to natural skin aging.

Wrinkles hold sleep from the eyelids

These observations made me start to get interested in the topic of sleepy wrinkles. When we sleep on our side or on our stomach, we literally crush the face, and within a few hours the skin folds, for example, under the eyes, on the temples, between the eyebrows, on the chin and on the cheeks. The way you sleep reflects the appearance of your face, and sleep wrinkles that are fixed during sleep are often confused with wrinkles that occur due to natural skin aging.

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a beautiful dream

The best solution for getting rid of sleep wrinkles is to sleep on your back. Unfortunately, up to 70% of us sleep on our side or stomach. A special anti-wrinkle pillow does not require changing this habit-it provides a comfortable sleep and at the same time protects the face from sleepy wrinkles. Even though I was interested in this topic for a long time and was looking for a solution, none of the products met my expectations-the pillows were often too big, dug into the neck or were too stiff.

Bye Bye Wrinkles!

Using my own experience, which I have gained over several years of working as a clothing company, I decided to create my own version of a revolutionary pillow that will meet all, even the most stringent standards and expectations-this is how the Bye Bye Wrinkles pillow was created, which I am now proud to hand over to you. To say that I never part with it is like saying nothing-the Bye Bye Wrinkles pillow has become my best friend, who accompanies me not only at night, but also during travel.

CLASSIC pillows filled with balloons are certified by the National Institute of Public Health.

Why the Bye Bye Wrinkles Pillow?
What makes it different?

  • it is cut so as not to put pressure on the face during sleep and protect it from wrinkles during sleep

  • cutouts provide comfortable support for the forehead and jaw

  • it will appeal to those who sleep on their backs – it is very comfortable, because its shape allows you to properly support the cervical region, while maintaining the correct position of this part of the spine, and at the same time, when turning the head to the side, the face is protected from creases.

  • its size is optimal

  • sleeping on it reduces lymphedema on the face

  • it is useful after the treatment of aesthetic and dental medicine

  • it has a unique advantage - the ability to independently adjust the thickness (it is closed with a slider and you can independently subtract or add the attached additional filling)

  • it is available in two types of filling: classic and mini – filling with a special mixture of polyester yarn and natural buckwheat husk.

  • This is for everyone: for women, men and children

  • can be used separately as a pillow or as a jasiek for a regular pillow-mini version

Choose Your Bye Bye Wrinkles Pillow
at the yoga beauty store

Don't know which pillow to choose?
Watch the video with hints 👉 🏼


  • I recently came across a great product that solved the problem of sleep wrinkles 100%! I tested it on myself. And it works! An anti-wrinkle pillow is not just another, not necessarily necessary "gadget". This is really a great investment in beauty and healthy sleep. I wake up, finally, without "wrinkles" on my face. And I got enough sleep, because it's also very comfortable for the neck. Not only me, but also my clients. The "by by Wrinkles" pillow has been permanently included in my living room's" massage tips" set. I recommend it!

    - Marta Kusmierek-Cieslak / masseur / Bellezza massage parlor
  • I bought a pillowcase and a pillow with a pillowcase, very happy. The pillow is very comfortable. He sleeps well! I recommend :*

    — _the_painted_lady
  • Sensational beauty workshops, a phenomenal atmosphere, a great atmosphere and great cosmetics. Thank you very much:)

    - Beata Markowska.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

  • Which pillow should I choose?

    We choose Bye Bye Wrinkles pillows according to your needs and individual preferences. If we like to sleep on a softer pillow, the classic version (polyester fiber filler) will be a good choice. We can choose from different types of pillowcases: silk (enhances the anti-wrinkle effect), cotton, bamboo fibers, with the addition of algae. If we like to sleep on a more rigid pillow, we should be interested in the NATURAL version, which has buckwheat husk filling. We can choose pillowcases made of silk, with bamboo thread and with the addition of seaweed. The MINI version will work as " mini jasiek”" This offer is for people who do not want to part with the old pillow. The pillow is filled with silicone polyester balls and buckwheat husks. Available with a silk, cotton and bamboo pillowcase with seaweed added.

  • What if I don't want to give up my old pillow?

    For people who do not want to part with their pillow, the version is suitable MINI, which performs the "mini-Yashka" function”

  • Is the pillow comfortable?

    The Bye Bye Wrinkles pillow is different from other pillows. It usually takes 2-3 nights to get used to sleeping on a pillow. It is possible to adjust the thickness of the pillow-just unbutton it in the pillowcase, and then add or subtract the filler. In this way, you can adjust the height of the pillow according to your individual preferences. Both I and many of my clients can't imagine sleeping without a Bye Bye Wrinkles pillow.

  • Will this work while traveling?

    Yes, the Bye Bye Wrinkles pillow is perfect for traveling. For the trip, you can bring a traditional pillow (CLASSIC or NATURAL) or choose a smaller mini pillow.

  • How to wash a pillow?

    Bye Bye Wrinkles pillows have a removable pillowcase that we can wash according to the washing instructions placed on the pillow. Classic pillow-We wash the inside of the pillow according to the washing instructions that come with the pillow. Pillow NATURAL-buckwheat husk is poured into a container or glass dish, after which the coating can be washed in accordance with the washing instructions. Flakes are not cleaned in the standard way, it is recommended to periodically ventilate them. Mini Pillow-We wash the inside of the pillow according to the washing instructions that come with the pillow.

  • What is included in the purchased pillow?

    When you purchase a pillow, you get a set of pillow + the selected coating applied to it. That is, buying a Classic Silk beige pillow-you get a ready-made set of pillow + silk cover in beige color. In addition, you can take turns to purchase the shell itself separately – any one.

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