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Facial massage-how does it help, what results can you get?

A daily facial massage is just as important as yoga exercises for the face.

These two methods of natural rejuvenation are inherent, and by applying them simultaneously, you will achieve good results, which you will notice in a more beautiful appearance of the face.

Massage helps to relax tense muscles (this is one of the factors that affect facial aging). They also enhance blood and lymph flow, nourish tissues from the inside, and improve skin elasticity.

Even after the first massage, positive changes are noticeable-the face becomes relaxed, skin tone improves, and puffiness often also decreases.

Facial massagers-why use them?

Hand massage is one of the most valuable techniques. In our hands we have a real treasure that will help us maintain our health and beauty.

It is worth supporting our practice with various accessories for facial massage. We can't do a complex facial massage ourselves, even if we have the necessary knowledge to do so. I also recommend massage with accessories for people who are just starting their adventure with this technique.

There is no shortage of facial massage gadgets,there are plenty of them!
And then the question arises-which facial massager to choose?

Facial massagers-why use them?

My drawer is full of massagers! I love these massage gadgets for their wonderful properties. Each one I test personally, and the ones that pass my test go to the Yoga Beauty store so that more people can use them to improve their health and beauty.
To begin with, I suggest choosing 1-2 massagers, with the opposite effect. If massage turns out to be your constant ritual, then you should expand the collection with additional accessories.

Facial massagers-Which one should I choose?

Massagers for the face are selected at will. To make it easier for you to choose the perfect massager, I have prepared brief highlights for you, and their detailed description can be found in the yoga beauty store.

Wielofunkcyjny Masażer liftingujący z falami radiowymi (RF), EMS i światłem LED

Multifunctional Lifting Massager with Radio Waves (RF), EMS and LED light

This premium massager can replace a visit to the cosmetologist.
The multifunctional massager has the function of LED lamps, radio waves (RF) and EMS.
It affects the skin on several levels simultaneously-from stimulating the muscles and deep layers of the skin to improving the condition of the epidermis and deep relaxation after a hard day.

Masażer Gua-sha CRYO ICE

Masażer Gua-sha CRYO ICE

You will eliminate the problem of swelling, reduce muscle tone, and oxygenate your skin to make you look radiant.
Thanks to the massage with this plate, you will also benefit from the wonderful properties of cryotherapy. Gua sha CRYO ice is filled with a special gel that keeps the temperature cool.

Zimne łyżki do masażu CRYO ICE

CRYO ICE Cold Massage Spoons

Massage instantly stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow, reduces puffiness and makes the complexion fresh and rested. Cold facial massage spoons are one of the best massagers in the morning. When chilled in the refrigerator, you can benefit from cool therapy. Their inner part is filled with a special gel that keeps the temperature low when cooled.

3D Massager

This is a massager for the face, chin and neck. It has two rotating balls that are thoroughly massaged, affecting both the appearance and well-being.

3D rose quartz massager

It has two rotating heads that are made of rose quartz, called the "love stone". The massager perfectly tightens the tissues. Smoothes wrinkles, reduces puffiness and stimulates collagen synthesis.

Gua Sha Tiles

This is a special form of traditional Chinese therapeutic massage, consisting of skin scraping. Ideal for facial tissue rejuvenation. In the Yoga Beauty store, you will find tiles made of different minerals and different sizes.

Facial Massage Roller

It strengthens the skin, stimulates collagen synthesis and reduces puffiness. In the Yoga Beauty store you will find roller skates made of various minerals.

Mini Pulse Massage Gun

Relaxes the body and mind, relaxes tense muscles, relieves pain. Reduces puffiness and reduces lymphatic congestion. It's incredibly relaxing.

Masażer Freeze Wrinkles

It is made of stainless steel and thanks to its properties is very safe for the face. Thanks to the rapid cooling and long-term maintenance of low temperatures, you can easily do a morning facial massage using the properties of cryotherapy. Such a facial massage will reduce wrinkles and fantastically tighten and strengthen the skin.

Reflexology Massager

This allows you to stimulate energy points. Relieves pain and restores energy balance. The massager is made of rose quartz.

Multi-needle massager large

A massager suitable for body massage, based on the tradition of Chinese medicine called acupressure.

Multi-needle massager

A massager suitable for massaging the face, neck, chin, decollete and neck, based on the traditions of Chinese medicine, the so-called acupressure.

Multi-needle ball

A facial massager based on the traditions of Chinese medicine, the so-called acupressure. Massage with a facial roller helps to form a beautiful oval face, raises the second chin and creates a face lift effect.

Silicone Face and Body Bubbles

One of the best products for body massage, created on the model of ancient natural Chinese medicine. Cupping massage is very pleasant and relaxing.

Mushroom Massager

It works perfectly in rejuvenation techniques and in acupressure, for example, "marma". The mushroom is made of a natural mineral-rose quartz.

Hairbrush for scalp, face and body massage

It provides a healthy appearance of hair, and also strengthens and smoothes the skin. The comb is made of rose quartz.

Facial Massage Brush

For massage and dry cleaning of the face. Improves blood and lymph circulation, removes dead skin cells, cleanses pores, strengthens the skin, and improves the complexion. The Yoga Beauty Dry Face Massage brush is made of polypropylene silk and wood.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Which facial massager should I choose first?

    To begin with, I recommend choosing universal massagers, such as gua sha tiles, 3D massager.
    For those who want to start an adventure with natural rejuvenation techniques, I've prepared a beginner's kit that includes a Beauty Yoga book, an Opalite gua Sha plate, a 3D massager, and a multi-needle roller.

  • How many massagers should I choose?

    To begin with, you should choose 1-2 massagers of the opposite action. If massage is becoming a habit, you might want to expand your collection with the following accessories.

  • How often do I get a facial massage?

    Short massages (lasting several minutes) can be done daily. Longer 15-20-minute massages are performed 2 or 3 times a week.

  • How to get a facial massage with a massager?

    I understand that you might be wondering how to do a massage with accessories. With each product in the yoga beauty store, you will find a sample massage scheme. I also prepared video tutorials on my YouTube channel.

  • What are the contraindications to facial massage?

    General contraindications to massage are inflammation, wounds, very fresh scars, herpes, ringworm.

  • How to prepare your skin before a massage?

    The skin should be thoroughly cleaned before performing the massage. It is also important to keep your hands clean. Depending on the chosen massager, we do the massage dry or with the use of "sliding" (for example, oil, cream, hydrolate). Recommendations for using a specific massager can be found in the product description in the yoga beauty store.

  • When can I get a facial massage?

    You can do massages during your morning or evening grooming and during the day when you have room to do so.
    Massage is not performed immediately before bedtime. It should take at least 1-2 hours, because during the massage, blood and lymph are stimulated into circulation, and during sleep, the lymph circulates poorly and thus can cause edema through stagnation.

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