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Natural methods of rejuvenation

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Undo the signs of the past tense to look and feel beautiful.

Over time, the face loses its shape and takes on a different expression. When the first changes will occur and how they will develop, determine the genes, expressiveness of facial expressions and the quality of daily skin care, as well as lifestyle.

However, one thing is for sure: you also have a very strong influence on how your face will look in the future.

I will teach you how to take care of your health and beauty using natural methods of rejuvenation-facial yoga, auto massage, aesthetic kinesiotaping. Through regular practice, you'll get great results-looking younger and feeling better.

I have prepared an offer of online courses, consultations, and seminars so that you can learn under my guidance how to implement the practice in your daily life.

At home, you can take care of yourself and enjoy looking in the mirror every day. Choose the most convenient form of training for you.

Yoga for the face from scratch-online course

Your face and neck, like your body, are made up of muscles. There are more than 80 of them in this area! While practicing facial yoga, you practice them, relax and strengthen them.

If you dream of supple, smooth and radiant skin, which, despite the years that have passed, will still be in very good shape, it is worth introducing regular yoga practice for the face and body into your daily life.

What effects can you expect?

With the help of facial yoga, you smooth out wrinkles, strengthen the skin and tone the face, model the jaw line and chin, and lift the corners of the mouth.
You will improve blood flow to the skin so that your face looks radiant. You will relax your face, eliminating the effects of stress.
You will look younger, which will affect your well-being.

The online facial yoga course from scratch is an offer for people who want to feel better and look younger.

Step by step, I will introduce you to the world of natural rejuvenation.
You'll learn about facial yoga exercises and automata that help you slow down the aging processes that occur with age. Thanks to additional materials and tasks, you will take holistic care of your health and beauty.

By watching the detailed video instructions, you are sure that you are performing individual exercises and massages correctly. In the posts, I also share additional tips that deepen the effects of training.

Ready-made workouts will allow you to incorporate facial exercises into your daily routine. You will find that the practice of facial yoga can last just a few minutes.

Online course of aesthetic Kinesiotaping with beauty yoga

Aesthetic kinesiotaping consists in accurately sticking special tapes to the skin, correctly tightening and modeling it. This is an effective and inexpensive method that gives amazing results-without the help of a scalpel! Perfectly complements and enhances the effects of yoga exercises for the face and automatic massages.

What effects can you expect?

With the tape, you can reduce wrinkles, as well as reduce puffiness and puffiness. You will strengthen and tighten the skin, as well as improve blood and lymph circulation. You will restore your skin's youthfulness and enjoy a naturally beautiful appearance for longer.

To use aesthetic kinesiotaping safely and have excellent results, appropriate knowledge is required. In my online course, I'll take you step-by-step through recording your face, neck, and decollete. You will be able to fully unleash the power of this method and use it at home.

You will receive comprehensive and structured knowledge in the form of short videos. You will learn how to use the tape, how to prepare the tapes, how to prepare the face, or how to remove the tapes. You will learn about the application of ribbons on the face, neck and decollete, so that you will reduce wrinkles, get rid of puffiness and puffiness, and naturally improve blood and lymph circulation.

Kurs online Self Kobido Intensive

The Self Kobido Intensive technique that you will learn in this course is the essence of ancient traditional massage techniques. It includes the most effective elements of Kobido Intensive, which we have supplemented with the practice of aesthetic kinesiotaping, which enhances and fixes the effects of massage.

Together with Marta Kuzmerek-carpenter, we created the course Self Kobido Intensive for people who want to safely and relax maintain the shape and elasticity of their skin in the comfort of home. We Give You ready-made toolswhich you just need to implement in your daily routine. All you have to do is practice for 20-30 minutes just 2 times a week.

What effects can you get?

With Self Kobido Intensive Massage, you naturally smooth out the skin, clearly erase wrinkles, nourish and saturate the skin with oxygen from the inside. You will improve your skin tone, as well as relieve your face of tension (including those caused by bruxism).

During the course, you will learn an independent massage practice, which you can repeat at home, regularly caring for your skin. The course is available as a video, so you train with us, recording individual movements of squares and hands.

Piękne oczy z Jogą Piękna – kurs online

Online course beautiful eyes with beauty yoga

His tired, bleary, puffy eyes had aged his face.
The thin, delicate skin around the eyes is the first to react not only to the worst night or a more stressful week, but also to the expression and natural facial expressions that cannot be slowed down.
Do you notice that crow's feet multiply like crazy, and dark circles constantly enter your daily life?
Take care of the delicate skin around the eyes with natural methods of rejuvenation-facial yoga and automatic massages. Join my online course dedicated to the eye area.

What effects can you expect?

Facial yoga for the eye area will make your eyes regain their former energy. You will smooth out fine lines and learn how to reduce the problems of dark circles and puffiness.
You will lift your upper eyelids and the corners of your eyes, and you will enjoy a rested look and better vision for longer.

In the course of beautiful eyes with beauty yoga you will learn what yoga is for the face in the eye area, when you can expect results and what is necessary to perform the practice. You will learn how to properly perform exercises and massage for this area.

Thanks to the bonus-eBook: Recipes for natural eye masks you will prepare homemade cosmetics that nourish and moisturize delicate skin.

Online seminars and stationary beauty yoga classes

During group seminars, we practice natural rejuvenation techniques together under my watchful eye. This ensures that you apply the technique correctly and safely. It's also a great opportunity to ask your questions, share experiences, and share some incredible energy during the meeting.

Depending on the topic of the seminar, you can find out:

  • how the aging process works and what we can do on our own
  • how to replace everyday habits with good ones to enjoy a youthful appearance for longer
  • how to slow down the changes that occur with age on the face, and enjoy health and beauty for many years to come
  • how to properly care for your body
  • how to practice yoga exercises for the face and neck to restore the skin's youthfulness
  • how to use the power of aesthetic kinesiotaping to look younger even while you sleep
  • how to make homemade cosmetics from what is in the kitchen

Check out the current offer of online and stationary seminars at the yoga beauty store. Take care of yourself in harmony with nature.

Seminars for companies

Seminars in a group that is connected by work every day are not only the development, but also the integration of the collective experience of the group.

The offer is intended for people who, within the company, would like to gain new knowledge and skills about methods of rejuvenation in harmony with nature. Offers are prepared individually, depending on demand.

Topics that can be considered at the workshop:

  • yoga exercises for the face
  • facial massage
  • ayurvedic practices
  • natural facial care
  • lead a healthy lifestyle and habits that affect the preservation of a young appearance
  • relaxation techniques to reduce daily stress

The price of the seminar depends on the volume, duration and size of the group. If you would like to conduct a seminar or training for your company, please contact me by email

Individual consultations online with Marta Kuczynska

We will hold a consultation in the smallest possible group, that is, in two people-you and I. Together, at the pace you set, we will go through theory and practice.

During the meeting, we focus on you - Your problems and areas that you want to work on.

You will be provided with an individual set of practices that you can implement into your daily routine.. You will learn how to use natural rejuvenation techniques to restore a radiant appearance, undo the signs of past tense, and take care of what is most precious – health.

Depending on the topic of the seminar, you can find out:

  • individual set of yoga exercises for the face
  • habits that affect your appearance-prepared for you
  • briefing - facial massage
  • correct lifestyle, diets, treatments suitable for your dosha (during an Ayurvedic consultation)

Take advantage of the consultation offer and take care of your health and beauty in harmony with nature.

Don't know what form of workshops to choose?

Contact me and I will advise you on what is best for you.

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