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Wooden Massager with Rotating Rose Quartz Ball Yoga Beauty

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You can always have it at your fingertips! Handmade Wooden Massager with Rotating Ball made of Natural Rose Quartz extremely intuitive accessory for face and neck massage. It relaxes chewing gums and other tense muscles, helps smooth out wrinkles and prepares the skin for applying cosmetics. The small size and durability of the raw materials used (wood + quartz) make the massager ideal for home comfort, as well as during trips.

massager dimensions: 5 cm x 6.4 cm
material: natural wood and rose quartz

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Looking for a convenient and intuitive massager that will help you reduce morning puffiness, keep your skin firm and taut, and better absorb the active ingredients that you apply to your face during your daily skincare routine? Yoga Beauty Wooden massager with a rotating rose quartz ball is an offer for people who love simple and easy to use accessories.

It is made from extremely hard raw materials-natural wood and rose quartz. It has an ergonomic design that fits perfectly in your hand. It is small, so you can successfully throw it in your makeup bag or suitcase when you go on a trip.

It is suitable for face and neck massage - regardless of your face type. This will help you relax tight chewing gums and remaining muscles. This will also allow you to prepare your skin for applying your favorite serum, oil, or cream. Supports wrinkle smoothing lion's furrow, which occurs between the eyebrows due to facial expressions, transverse wrinkles on the forehead, as well as crow's feet around the eyes.


Features of Quartz Ball Wood Massager

  • high quality and long-lasting components
  • a convenient mushroom shape that folds into the palm of your hand
  • perfect for all skin types
  • supports tissue relaxation
  • it is suitable for beginners who are looking for an intuitive massager for the face, neck and delicate eye area


Why is the massage part made of rose quartz?

Rose quartz is a semi-precious stone. It is usually associated with love, harmony and calm. This helps balance and purify the energy in the body. Ma relaxing and calming properties. It contains many natural trace elements and minerals, such as magnesium, iron, phosphorus and potassium, which have antioxidant properties and they help protect cells from free radicals.

  • improves skin tone, reduces puffiness and puffiness
  • it has natural cooling properties
  • helps with migraines and other headaches
  • it has a therapeutic effect on the psychophysical state-it supports concentration and calmness, relieves anxiety, internal tension and nervousness
  • reduces stress


Effects of regular massage with a wooden mushroom with a rotating quartz ball

  • strengthens the skin and improves its elasticity
  • relaxation of tense muscles and chewers
  • support for tissue regeneration
  • skin relaxation
  • lymphatic stimulation and reduction of edema
  • improving the absorption of active ingredients used in cosmetics
  • smoothing out wrinkles crow's feet, lion wrinkles, cross wrinkles on the forehead


How to use a wooden massage mushroom?

  • Before starting the massage, thoroughly clean the skin of the face, neck and decollete.
  • For a massage, apply a serum / oil or your favorite moisturizer. You can also use massage oil, for example, for massage. Jiva Ayurvedic Oil.
  • The duration of one massage should be about 5-10 minutes. It should be done several times a week.
  • When doing a massage, you have full control over the force of the press. It is best to use medium-intensity massagers.
  • The massage begins each time with the lower parts of the face, gradually moving up.



  • damaged skin
  • highly capillary skin
  • cuts and bruises
  • acne in the active phase

Regular massage is a great addition face yoga. If you want to learn more about this, please visit my channel at YouTube: Beauty Yoga, where I share proven exercises for facial muscles, instructions for rejuvenating massage, as well as tips for holistic care of health, well-being and youth.

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