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Gua sha massage plate * opalite * amulet of successful people

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The opalite massage plate helps to eliminate puffiness on the face, stimulate blood and lymph circulation. Checked during anti-aging products, regenerating massagethe purpose of which is to smooth out wrinkles, tone the skin, optical slimming of the face and relax the muscles. Opalite is a mineral artificially obtained by processing natural stone, which gives it a characteristic, iridescent highlights of light.

Size: 8,5cm x 5,8cm x 0.8cm (+/- 0.2 cm)
Group: opalite stone

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Gorgeous holographic opalite tiles are an offer for lovers of aesthetic, elegant care accessories. Opalite itself is often used as an amulet of successful people. It brings a sense of inner peace, reduces stress and anxiety. It improves your mood and brings deep relaxation.

Gua sha opalite massage should be done regularly, at least 2-3 times a week. Thanks to this, you will get not only peace and tranquility, but also a huge number of visual benefits. Gua sha is a special form of traditional Chinese therapeutic massage, consisting of skin scraping. Ideal for facial tissue rejuvenation.

The opalite massage plate is shaped like an elongated heart. It's flat and smooth. Its edges are slightly rounded, which makes it easier for the massager to slide over the skin.


Properties of opalite

Opalite is an artificially created mineral that it is formed as a result of processing natural stone. Here are some of the properties that are attributed to it:

  • Opalite is considered a stone that brings a sense of inner peace, reduces stress and anxiety, and improves mood.
  • It has the ability to increase concentration and improve cognitive abilities, which makes it popular among people who practice meditation.
  • This increases your intuition and helps you better understand your own needs and desires.
  • It has digestive-promoting properties, which may benefit people struggling with digestive problems.
  • It has antioxidant and nutritional properties that help in regenerating the skin and reducing the symptoms of aging.
  • Opalite is considered a stone that can help improve blood circulation and reduce pain associated with circulatory problems.
  • This can help strengthen the immune system.


Effects of Gua sha massage with opalite plate

  • improves blood circulation, which increases its oxygenation and nutrition
  • makes the skin supple on the neck and face
  • helps reduce transverse wrinkles on the neck
  • evens out the complexion
  • removes toxins, gives your complexion a natural glow
  • relieves stress and anxiety, reduces tension on the face
  • getting rid of fatigue and negative emotions
  • simulates the contour of the face
  • it naturally stimulates the synthesis of collagen, that is, it rejuvenates the skin


How to prepare your face for a gua sha massage?

Before starting the massage, you need to thoroughly clean the skin of the face, neck and decollete. To get a massage, apply a serum / oil or your favorite moisturizer. I recommend you prickly pear fig oil or anti-aging oil with vitamin E.

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Contraindications to gua sha massage

  • damaged skin
  • damaged veins
  • highly capillary skin
  • moles
  • cuts and bruises
  • extensive acne lesions
  • rosacea in the active phase
  • cancer diseases


Washing the opalite massage plate

After the massage, wash the plate with warm water and soap. From time to time, you should additionally soak it in salt water and expose it to sunlight (at least 10 minutes). This allows you to charge them and clear them of negative energy.


How and how many days to do a gua sha facial massage?

Gua sha massage can be done even daily, if you massage the skin gently and quite briefly – a few minutes. A stronger and longer massage (about 15-20 minutes) is recommended two, maximum three times a week.

Plate massage each time we start with the upper part of the face., gradually going down in the direction of the arrows-Fig. 1 and along the numbered steps.



Example of gua sha massage-reducing puffiness around the eyes


You can find more videos on my website youtube channel.

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