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Multifunctional Lifting Massager with Radio Waves (RF), EMS and LED Light Yoga Beauty Premium * ZLOTY

599,00  including VAT

Safe lifting at home. Do you want to know if this is possible? Yes, of course! Get acquainted a premium 2-in-1 massager that strengthens and tightens the skin. It works on several levels simultaneously-from stimulating the muscles and deep layers of the skin to improving the condition of the epidermis and deep relaxation after a hard day.

The massager with radio waves, EMS electrical muscle stimulation and photonic LED light is a novelty that will revolutionize your home anti-aging rituals.

Colour: white / zloty
Composition: certified ABS plastic
Massager size: 9.2 cm x 9.3 cm x 12.3 cm
Guarantee: 1 year
Comes with a manual and a USB cable. We do not include plug-in devices.

Requires a 5V 2A plug.

Download the leaflet.

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The lowest price ( 3 April 2023 ): 599,00 
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Do you see that your face is undergoing changes, and you want to take care of stronger skin regeneration? Looking for a massager that guarantees you results similar to what you can achieve during beauty treatments? Do you care about strengthening and smoothing wrinkles? Do you feel that your muscles often get tired and you need a device that will provide you with blissful relaxation?

This is a 100% massager for you! Created according to the original French project. It will take care of your skin on two levels. It will work rejuvenating and relaxing, stimulating the muscles and deep layers of the skin.

Uses az 3 advanced technology:

  • RF radio waves,
  • EMS, or electrical neuromuscular stimulation,
  • and photonic LED light.

The premium multifunctional yoga massager features 4-dimensional massage heads and 4 LEDs. It allows you to stimulate the skin at 3 levels of intensity-from relaxation to a powerful lifting massage that stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

elegancki masażer do twarzy fale radiowe, światło LED, EMS

This is a premium product for demanding women who want to take care of their skin and feel good from the comfort of their home.


How does the Yoga Beauty multifunctional lifting massager work?

Combining three advanced technologies one massage device has one main purpose-this massager should guarantee you results, just like after cosmetic procedures, without leaving your home.

  • Radio waves they penetrate deeper layers of the skin, stimulating fibroblasts to produce collagen. Collagen is the main protein responsible for the firmness and elasticity of tissues, so its additional production in the long run improves their condition, guaranteeing a more youthful appearance.
  • EMS, or muscle electrical stimulationthis is a type of therapy in which electrical impulses are applied to the muscles. A goal? Stimulation of the facial muscles, which leads to contraction and relaxation of the muscles, which, in turn, helps maintain adequate muscle tone at rest and increase the production of collagen.
  • LED Photon light it is used to improve the appearance and health of the skin. It is emitted by 4 LEDs in 5 modes (red, yellow, blue, mix, mix+flash), which stimulate the recovery and protection processes. In addition to strengthening the skin, they relieve inflammation and eliminate other problems. redness, pustules, or fine lines.


What exactly is the effect of photonic LED light on the skin?

Skin treatment with colored LED light involves using different wavelengths of light that penetrate deep into the tissues. The massager is equipped with 3 colors of LEDs (red, blue and yellow), which have different wavelengths. Each light wave has certain therapeutic properties.

Applied modes:

  • red LED light (wavelength: 620nm + / - 10nm)which stimulates the production of collagen, helps reduce wrinkles, increases skin elasticity, and accelerates skin metabolism and promotes wound healing,
  • blue LED light (wavelength: 465nm + / - 10nm)which has an anti-inflammatory effect, fights bacteria, causes acne and relieves skin inflammation,
  • yellow LED light (wavelength: 610nm + / - 10nm)which helps improve blood circulation, has an anti-inflammatory effect and stimulates skin regeneration,
  • mix LED lights red + yellow + blue (wavelength: 430nm + / - 10nm)which can help in the treatment of acne, is antifungal and antibacterial.
  • mix led lights red + yellow + blue + flash  (wavelength: 430nm + / - 10nm) improves the absorption of nutrients from the care products you apply to your face.


Radio Waves, EMS and LED massage effects

  • reduce wrinkles
  • improving skin elasticity
  • strong strengthening and improvement of skin elasticity
  • reducing sagging, such as hamsters on the cheeks
  • collagen synthesis
  • getting a more uniform and smooth skin appearance
  • reduce inflammation and pustules
  • improve blood circulation and improve skin metabolism
  • relaxation of tense muscles, deep relaxation

RF, LED, EMS massage is painless and does not require recovery time. The effects appear gradually and persist for several weeks or even months. When performing an RF / EMS massage, we recommend using special Apis brand gels available in our store (below you will find links to products designed for different skin types.) These gels perfectly conduct the generated electrical impulses and provide a high level of glide.


Ultrasonic massage Gels


How to use RF Lifting Massager?

  • Before starting the massage, you need to thoroughly clean the skin .
  • It is not recommended to use massage oils.
  • The massager is best used together with essence for skin regeneration or other nourishing care products.
  • If you want to apply EMS+RF massage-apply APIS ultrasound gel, to ensure the conductivity of waves and electrical impulses.
  • Be sure to cut your hair to avoid screwing it into your heads.
  • The massager can be used to tighten the face at home, as well as to relax the neck and tone other parts of the body, such as the abdomen, thighs or buttocks.
  • When performing the procedure using the RF and EMS functions, you may feel a slight tingling sensation or warmth, these are normal phenomena. After use, on the other hand, the skin may turn red, which should disappear in a few minutes.
  • Do not apply to areas of skin where it has been applied with hyaluronic acid or collagen injections in the last 6 months.
  • Massage with LED lamps can be performed daily, and with LED, RF and EMS-once a week for 10-14 weeks. The next series can be repeated in 6 weeks.
  • For safety reasons, the massager automatically shuts down after 10 minutes. works.
  • Do not immerse the massager in water or wash it wet!! It is recommended to wash off, for example, the gel from the massage heads with a dry towel.
  • This is an electronic household product, not a medical device, and it is intended for home use only!

If the skin is loose in some parts of the face or neck, then during the massage it should be lifted by hand (gently pulled) so that the massage heads "do not screw it up". You should also use more oil / cream or gel, so that there is more "sliding".


2 in 1 lifting massager combines elegance and comfort

Pay attention to this exquisite and thoughtful shape! This is an original design by a French designer. The radiofrequency massager fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. A special handle is placed on top, through which you can hold the middle finger. Just below the index finger is a switch, and on the other side is a button with which you can adjust the intensity of stimulation.

The entire massager is made of certified skin-safe ABS plastic. It has 4 floating massage heads and a charger for extra protection of the heads and LEDs when the massager is not in use.


You get the product in an aesthetic, elegant package with instructions and a USB power cable. Thanks to this, it will also become a luxury gift for people who want to keep their skin young at home.


Who should not use the product?

  • Pregnant, lactating, or menstruating people.
  • People who have had a fracture or plastic surgery.
  • People who have skin lesions, inflammatory and purulent lesions.
  • People who don't respond well to higher temperatures and heat.
  • People who are undergoing dental treatment.
  • People with sensitive skin.
  • If you suffer from hypertension, blood diseases, celiac disease, tuberculosis or allergies, heart diseases, nervous system diseases, or high blood pressure.
  • People who have cancerous diseases or conditions (up to 5 years).
  • People who have a pacemaker, heart valve, implants – all kinds of metal implants in the body.
  • People suffering from epilepsy, multiple sclerosis.


Technical information

Wielofunkcyjny Masażer liftingujący z falami radiowymi (RF), EMS i światłem LED Joga Piękna
Input voltage: 5V===
Battery Capacity: 1050 mAh battery
Net weight: 227 g
Product Size: 92x93x123 mm
Could: 8W
Charging time: 5 hours
Opening hours: 80 minutes

EMS microcurrents 90 Khz (Low, Medium, High)
RF mode-fractional radio waves 1 MHZ, termolifting (Low, Medium, High)
Color LED lamp mode Blue LED, Yellow LED, Red LED, Pulsing LED, ALL mode
Massage mode Different intensity: high, medium, low

Download the leaflet.

If you have additional questions or want to use individual consultationsduring which I will teach you how to perform a manual facial massage – I invite you to contact.

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