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10 zasad pięknego, młodego wyglądu, które możesz zastosować od razu

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The course includes a 21-day training plan. The time I planned it for is, according to scientists, just what it takes to develop a habit.

To begin with, I will give you the knowledge – the necessary theory so that you can take a broader look at facial aging processes, understand them and know how they work. You will be able to practice with me every day so that initially you will get your face used to daily practice, and over time you will intensify your workouts and turn them into a habit.


– facial oval,
– Tension, blood supply and oxygenation of the skin,
– reducing wrinkles,
– Upper eyelid lifts,
– Reducing the double chin,
– neck smoothing.

For each day, I also have tasks for you to help you introduce good habits of taking care of your beauty in harmony with nature. I will also show you different types of massages, supporting facial yoga. I prepared everything in such a way that it will not take you too much time. Very important for me, when I prepared this course, was that the last days of training together should be not the end but the beginning of your new routine. You can continue them for weeks or even months or years to come.

I hope that facial yoga will become your regular ritual for taking care of yourself.


That’s because you have more than 80 muscles in your face and neck, which, like the rest of your body, need to be kept in good shape – exercising them and relaxing them properly.Even the most expensive cream won’t get us to keep our face looking young. Of course, as long as it is good and natural, it can help, but it will only improve the condition of the skin, not the muscles on which the appearance of the face depends most. Often aging is equated with the appearance of wrinkles on the face, but they are not the ones that determine whether a face is perceived as young or not – it is its oval that indicates its age! Over the years, changes occur in the structure of bones, muscles and fatty tissue, so that the proportions of the face change. This change is called the inverted triangle principle – at a young age, the base of the triangle is at the top, and with aging, it inverts.

The muscles lose their firmness, strength and mass, and also pull the skin down under the influence of gravity. In addition, by the fact that the muscles are directly attached to the skin, they affect its appearance. Some muscles become permanently contracted with age (such as the frontal or circular muscles of the eyes), and this phenomenon is the cause of such wrinkles as the lion’s wrinkle and crow’s feet.

A good way to rejuvenate naturally is to exercise the facial muscles – just as body gymnastics influences the maintenance of a slender figure, so facial yoga helps keep you looking young for longer. Training this part of the muscles can be called a lift without the use of a scalpel – the skin becomes better supplied with blood, making it firmer and tighter, and the muscles – kept in good shape.



Before you start practicing, be sure to take photos of your face so that you can compare them with another one taken at a later date. You see yourself in the mirror every day, so you may not notice the subtle differences that will emerge through your regular practice.

You can take photos yourself, necessarily in good daylight – the best way to do this is to go to the window. Take: a photo of the face in front and both profiles, without expressing any facial expressions. Then repeat the shooting after 2-3 weeks, and preferably after a month. Compare previous photos with current ones. Take a look at the various elements of the face. Compare forehead, eyes, cheeks, corners of the mouth, etc. Take another picture after 2 months , after 3 months and so on….



Every body is different and reacts differently to the exercises and other practices I discuss in the course. It is very important to be systematic. What works is what is done regularly. If you exercise every day, do the exercises with care, but also incorporate massages and good habits into your regular routine, the results will appear quite quickly. The first noticeable change will be a relaxed face and radiant complexion. Changes in the improvement of the oval and the shallowing of wrinkles and furrows will appear after a few weeks, but sometimes also after several months. Exercise systematically and remember your daily habits!



– Initially, practice in front of a mirror to carefully perform each exercise.
– During practice, pay attention not to tense the muscles of the back, neck and neck.
– Be mindful of correct posture and always lower your shoulders and arms.
– Watch in the mirror to see if you wrinkle your forehead while exercising.
– Breathe deeply and slowly, never hold your breath.
– Before starting the exercises, perform a warm-up according to my recommendations.
– At the end of the training, stay in mindfulness for a while by closing your eyes and breathing deeply and calmly.

Contraindications to facial exercises and massages may include invasive aesthetic medicine procedures such as Botox and fillers. If you are fresh from this type of treatment wait 2-3 weeks before you start exercises and massages or ask your doctor for an opinion. Also, inflammation, infection and fever are contraindications to exercise and massage.


And now I invite you to watch the first video! Ready? Let’s go!

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