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15 lis 2018

Natural rejuvenation and the power of the herb Shatavari

You probably already know very well how close Ayurvedic medicine is to me and the important role it plays in my life. Herbal medicine, and therefore Shatavari, is an integral part of it.

When I created
Yoga of Beauty
, I knew it would be a place where I would share my knowledge of natural rejuvenation with you comprehensively. That’s why today about Shatavari – a plant with almost magical properties.☺

Women’s friend

Shatavari is the Indian secret to long youth, well-being and a beautiful appearance. Used in Ayurvedic medicine, which has existed for 4,000 years, it has become known as the “queen of herbs” due to its extremely powerful rejuvenating properties. Shatavari is said to be a “friend of women” in India, and every Indian woman knows them.

In Latin it is hidden under the name Asparagus racemosus. It is a wild plant, and these valuable ingredients for us have its root hidden underground.

Natural rejuvenation, or the properties of Shatavari

Our “queen of herbs” is famous for its medicinal properties that regulate estrogen levels in the female body. This is inextricably linked to the positive effects on the functioning of the female reproductive system. Regulation of the menstrual cycle occurs, hormones return to balance, and premenstrual syndrome subsides. Shatavari is also helpful for painful menstruation and recommended for women having trouble getting pregnant.

In Ayurvedic medicine, it is the most potent rejuvenating herb: its regular use slows down the aging process of cells, tissues and organs. It is a soothing for both body and mind – the nourishing and cooling properties are helpful in situations of exhaustion, overheating or imbalance in the body. Estrogens contained in the plant do not cause side effects.

I have been experiencing the positive effects of this magical herb for many years. I drink shatavari regularly, and I understand perfectly why Indian women have come to love it so much.☺ The easiest way to get it is to buy it from an online store – it is available in lozenge or powder form.

Shatavari’s effect on collagen synthesis means that with regular use of the herb, skin quality improves significantly, and hair and nails become stronger. This is one of the most visible results of friendship with the treasure of Ayurvedic medicine.

Even more secrets of longevity

Shatavari is just one of my ways of natural rejuvenation. Yoga Beauty captures this area comprehensively. That’s why my care for health and youthful appearance also consists of
facial exercises
natural care with home-made cosmetics
, appropriate habits or a balanced diet.

The teachings of ayurveda are a kind of signpost for me, giving me not only external beauty, but also filling my
. It is a set of benefits of sustainable living in harmony with oneself.

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