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We welcome you to the Self Kobido Intensive online course. It was created by two specialists and enthusiasts of natural rejuvenation methods. We want to share our knowledge of a holistic approach to care and health and beauty.

We have joined forces to prepare for you materials that will guide you step by step through an extraordinary massage method – Self Kobido Intensive. It will miraculously lift and rejuvenate your face.

Thank you for your trust. We are glad that you joined our joint course and want to take care of yourself naturally.

Get to know us better.

Marta Kucińska Marta Kuśmierek-Cieślak Online Self Kobido Intensive Course

Marta Kucińska

My name is Marta Kucinska and I am a specialist in natural rejuvenation.

If you are following my post Facebook , Instagram, YouTube or blog , you already know me a little. If not – I will introduce myself briefly, and any minute now, thanks to the course, we will get to know each other even better. By the way, I already know that since you are here, we have a lot in common!

By training, I am a biologist, a third-degree Ayurveda consultant and a certified facial yoga teacher, and I have also completed several courses in aesthetic facial taping. I am also the author of the best-selling book “Yoga Beauty.”

I have been studying ayurveda for a few years in Poland and in India, at the Jiva Institute. I am interested in everything related to a holistic approach to health, both physical and mental. I am a huge proponent of natural medicine, herbal medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, homeopathy, vegetarian diet, natural body care, Vedic psychology, yoga and facial exercises.

I share my knowledge, passion and experience with women by conducting group and individual workshops and consultations to help change bad habits into good habits, look younger and feel better.

Marta Kuśmierek-Cieślak

My name is Marta Kuśmierek – Cieślak. I have been passionate about natural, manual facial therapies for many years.

I use various techniques in my work, including very deep facial massages, as well as acupuncture. My adventure with self-massage, was just started by meeting Kobido.

This massage, which originated in Japan, interested me so much that I wanted to learn more about it. I was educated in his art not only in Poland, but also abroad. I continue to expand my knowledge, because Kobido is “an endless road to beauty.”

The result of this interest and deepening of my knowledge of Kobido was the creation of the original Kobido Intensive massage, which you can experience both in my office in Lodz (at the “Bellezza Massage Salon”) and in many other places in Poland, in the offices of my female students. For several years, I have been training facial therapists, beauticians and masseuses with Kobido Intensive as part of the “Bellezza Academy.”

In addition to massaging and training professionals, I have long shared my knowledge with women clients of my salon and their friends during facial self-massage workshops.
I am also invited to lead them at events where women who are aware of the benefits of natural care meet.

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