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Facial yoga from scratch - online course

My name is Marta Kucinska and I am a specialist in natural rejuvenation.

If you follow my Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or blog posts, you already know me a bit. If not – I will introduce myself briefly, and any minute now, thanks to the course, we will get to know each other even better.
By the way, I already know that sk
hen you are here, we have a lot in common!

By training, I am a biologist, a third-degree Ayurveda consultant and a certified facial yoga teacher, and I have also completed several courses in aesthetic facial taping. I am also the author of the best-selling book “Yoga Beauty.” I have been studying ayurveda for a few years in Poland and in India, at the Jiva Institute. I am interested in everything related to a holistic approach to health, both physical and mental. I am a huge proponent of natural medicine, herbal medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, homeopathy, vegetarian diet, natural body care, Vedic psychology, yoga and facial exercises.

I share my knowledge, passion and experience with women by conducting group and individual workshops and consultations to help change bad habits into good habits, look younger and feel better. I am very pleased that you are interested in this course – I hope you will use it.


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