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10 zasad pięknego, młodego wyglądu, które możesz zastosować od razu

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Stand in front of a large mirror, preferably in just your underwear, in a way that feels natural to you. Don’t straighten up by force. Do it the way you’re used to.

Note the following:

  • how you position your feet – parallel to each other, outward, inward or maybe both differently
  • whether the waistline is the same bo both sides
  • Look at whether your bottom is pushed up or more curled up
  • abdomen is flat or protuberant
  • whether the arms are at an equal height
  • How the hands are arranged when they hang freely, whether the hands are at an equal height and pointing similarly
  • observe whether the head is straight or tilted to either side
  • take a look at whether you’re humping

If you notice any abnormalities it is best to consult a physical therapist or osteopath. Many features of the figure will affect the appearance of the face.

Straightening by force gives little improvement. The right muscle strengthening and stretching exercises allow the body to gradually follow the changes.
Often the entire figure is greatly affected by a misaligned pelvis. In this case, without the help of rehabilitation, we can do little ourselves.

Acting on your own, you can, first of all, make sure to distribute your body weight evenly on both legs when you stand. Avoid crossing your legs and putting your leg over your leg.

If you have a protruding bottom and a protruding belly then when walking and standing, tuck your bottom under and point your pubic bone forward and slightly upward.

Lower your shoulders downward, gently pulling your shoulder blades together.

Point the top of the head upward, while imagining it being pulled upward by a helium-filled balloon.

Retract the chin slightly and lengthen the back of the neck; aim to have the ears on an even line with the shoulders.

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