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10 zasad pięknego, młodego wyglądu, które możesz zastosować od razu

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Natural cosmetics from your kitchen

The skin is the largest human organ, which has very strong absorption properties. Practically everything we put on it penetrates the body.

If you have doubts, I will cite the example of sticking birth control patches on the skin. Such tiny patches stuck on a piece of skin, protect a woman from getting pregnant… And how many chemicals from drugstore products enter the body through the skin! Therefore, it is very important to nourish the skin only with what is natural and friendly to it. One of the Ayurvedic rules is that you don’t put anything on your skin that you can’t eat!

You can make most of the cosmetics yourself, using your kitchen supplies. For example, if you can eat olive oil, all the more reason to apply it to your body… and it has amazing skin care properties. The same is true of other ingredients like honey, fruit, yogurt, spices, eggs, flours, flakes, sugar or salt, oils – coconut, flax, avocado and more. Your fantastic cosmetic ingredients.

You can make wonderful cosmetics from them, such as body oils, hair oils, hair masks, face masks and scrubs. By using ingredients of natural plant origin, preferably organic, you are assured that they will not contain the controversial parabens, detergents, preservatives or petroleum-based substances found in most store products.

Making homemade cosmetics is not only a way of natural rejuvenation, an interesting hobby or a unique form of self-care. Using this kind of
care, you also care about the environment. By making natural cosmetics, you don’t pollute the water and soil with chemicals and you don’t use dozens of
cardboard boxes, films, leaflets or packaging.

Here I’ve gathered some of my favorite recipes that will help you make very effective, healthy cosmetics, and on top of that, it won’t take you long.

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