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Rose Quartz Modeling Mushroom Massager

65,00  including VAT

The massager includes a jewelry pouch with the yoga beauty logo.

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Rose Quartz Mushroom is a beautiful massager, carefully crafted, and also engraved with the beauty yoga logo. Very intuitive and easy to use. It works perfectly in rejuvenation techniques and in acupressure, for example, "marma".

The mushroom is made of a natural mineral-rose quartz.

Quartz is a gift of nature, which will not be 100% perfect (it may have small defects and color deviation).

Rose quartz is a stone from the semiprecious group. This especially eases complaints related to cardiovascular and heart diseases. Improves the immune system. Improves memory and adds energy. Helps in the treatment of migraines and other headaches. It has a therapeutic effect on the psychophysical state-relieves anxiety, internal tension and nervousness, and also reduces stress.


  • losing weight
  • improves the contour of the face
  • stimulates collagen synthesis
  • strongly strengthens the skin
  • strongly stimulates blood and lymph circulation
  • great for acupressure "for example, "marma"

Before starting the massage, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the skin of the face and decollete. To get a massage, apply a serum / oil or your favorite moisturizer. We can also use essential oils for massage.


  • damaged skin
  • damaged veins
  • highly capillary skin
  • moles
  • cuts and bruises
  • extensive acne lesions
  • rosacea in the active phase
  • cancer diseases

Every time after use, wash in warm water with the addition of soap. Every few weeks, wash it in salt water, expose it to sunlight (at least 10 minutes) , and charge it.

The massage begins each time from the upper parts of the face, gradually going down in accordance with the direction of the arrows-Fig. 1 and in accordance with the numbered stages.

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