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3 Nov 2023

A simple full-face exercise that will change your daily grooming routine

Get acquainted one simple full face exercise, which will work when you don't have much time or are away from home, such as on vacation or business trips. This allows you to take care of the skin's elasticity and maintain its beauty regardless of the circumstances.

The whole practice lasts less than 5 minutes, and smoothes nasolabial furrows, tightens cheeks, sharpens jaw lines, and reduces hamsters. In addition, it lifts the temples and lowered eyelids, which affects the lifting of the entire oval of the face and a radiant, rested and youthful appearance. 

Why exercise daily and massage your facial muscles? 

We have many points on the face that they affect the proper functioning of our organs.. According to Chinese medicine, these are acupuncture points (there are 365 in total on the body), and according to Ayurveda, we call them marma points.

In addition, daily massages and yoga exercises for the face bring with them a huge number of aesthetic advantages. They allow you to oxygenate the skin, stimulate blood circulation, strengthen and strengthen the tissues, which affects their condition and the appearance of the face. 

Massage and exercise they are also a form of relaxation. They allow us to catch our breath and focus only on ourselves for a few moments. They soothe, reduce tension, and reduce the negative effects of stress. 

3-5 minutes a day is enough, to notice a noticeable improvement in the condition of the face, as well as mood or functioning of individual organs. 

What problems does the simple full face exercise that you'll learn in this post solve?

  • smoothes nasolabial furrows
  • cheek lift
  • improves blood and lymph circulation
  • sharpens the jawline
  • reduces hamsters
  • saturates the skin with oxygen
  • reduces the second chin
  • smoothes fine lines, i.e. crow's feet
  • simulates the oval of the face

Follow the step-by-step exercise 

  1. Position your body in a comfortable position. You can sit with your back straight or stand with your feet hip-width apart.
  2. Wstraighten your back, bring your navel closer to your spine and make a slight movement of the pelvis, gently rolling it back.
  3. Bring your open palms to your templespicking them up carefully.
  4. Then open your mouth and arrange them in the letter Oby wrapping them on your teeth. Remember not to make a spout. The lips should be tucked inside. 
  5. Then swipe your open mouth once in once in the other directionstopping them for a few seconds each time. 
  6. Exercise repeat 10 times.
  7. Then take a short break. Get out of the position, let your muscles rest, and get some oxygen. 
  8. Let's move on to the next episode. Repeat the exercise 10 times and take a break again.
  9. With 3 exercise queues try to deepen the movement shifts of the lips to the sides. But remember, to avoid bending your lower jaw too much, just focus on moving your mouth more strongly. 
  10. After completing 3 sets of exercises - get out of the pose and gently bareback your face with your fingertips

Attention! If you feel a stretch in your cheek area during the next set of exercises, it means that you probably have strained zygomatic muscles. With age, they tend to be hyperactive, tend to be highly contracted and tense, which leads to deepening of the nasolabial furrows. 

How often can you do this yoga facial exercise?

Face yoga, like any exercise of our body, likes regularity. You can repeat the practice every day or even 2 times a day for example, in the morning and in the evening. There are no obvious contraindications in this issue. 

If you want to do facial yoga in the evening, do not do it right before bed, as this way you stimulate the entire lymphatic system, which can lead to morning swelling. Agitated lymph, suppressed by the pressure of the pillow, will not have an outlet, so swelling may appear on the face.

Facial massage with a 3D massager

In addition to daily yoga exercises for the face, there will be relaxing facial massage use a suitable accessory, such as a 3D massager. 

To do this, you can use the lightweight, classic 3D massager or Premium 3D massager with natural rose quartz elementswhich calms the vascular complexion and affects the heart chakra. You will find both of these accessories in my online store. 


How to massage your face, neck and decollete with a 3D massager step by step?

  1. Start with the cleavage. Make a few moves from the inside out to the shoulders. Then a few moves up — from chest to neck
  2. The skin should not be greasy when massaging with this accessory, as this will interfere with the movement of the massage balls.
  3. Then go to the neck. Make short movements from the inside out (i.e. from the larynx). And then from the top, that is, the ear area, down the side of the neck. Movements must have pulse characterthanks to this, you will more strongly stimulate the circulation of lymph.
  4. At the next stage — go to the jawline and cheeksby massaging them up, slightly diagonally, towards the ear. The movements can be intense so that you can see the twitching of the tissues. 
  5. Then go to to the area in the eye area. Here, a chilled massager with a quartz finish is best suited. Make a few moves from the inner corners of the eyes to the temples and go to the upper eyelid, which is the area of the brow arch. In the same place, repeat several movements. 
  6. Finally go to the foreheadby making a few movements up and down, along the temples, conducting the lymph in the appropriate directions, to its exits. 

If you want to see the exact instructions on how to massage your face using 3D massagers, take a look at my YouTube channel and the video titled. How to Use 3D Rose Quartz Massage and Beauty Yoga:


Let us know if these types of instructions are useful to you. Do you prefer shorter or longer facial yoga practices? Be sure to follow my social channels: Facebook i Instagramhere you will find more tips on effective massage, yoga, and other practices that will help you keep your skin looking good for years to come. 

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