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Fluted gua sha stone for intensive massage * Rose quartz

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How can you naturally reduce the tension on your face that leads to wrinkles? Natural fluted gua sha stone with a wavy edge will allow you to even more intensively cleanse and stimulate the skin. Thus, in the comfort of your home, you can strengthen it, smooth it out and oxygenate it, getting a natural lifting effect.

Size: 8,5cm x 5,8cm x 0.8cm (+/- 0.2 cm)
Group: natural stone-rose quartz
Country of origin of the stone: Brazil

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Do you feel that your face is often tense? Do you catch yourself frowning or making other facial movements that deepen your facial lines? If you see that your face is starting to change because of this, and you are not comfortable with it at all-start acting.

Gua sha is a special form of traditional Chinese therapeutic massage, consisting of skin scraping. Regular massage with quartz plate gua sha will help you reduce muscle tone, improve blood circulation and lymph, so that your skin will get a "new life". She will look refreshed and radiant. Regular stimulation will strengthen and smooth it out, making wrinkles much less noticeable.


Grooved massage plate with wavy edge

Why is one edge of the gua sha plate grooved? This, of course, is not accidental. A stone with an uneven edge allows you to stimulate the skin even more intensely. This will be good for advanced people who already have their first massages and want to increase the power of stimulation.

You can use fluted tiles interchangeably with smooth stone or solo, performing an intensive massage 3-4 times a week.


What is Gua sha Grooved Stone face massage?

The corrugated gua sha plate is shaped like an elongated heart. It is flat, and one of its edges is wavy. The massage involves moving the stone across the face with smooth, tightening movements.

Precise and gentle stimulation of the skin and muscles stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph, which helps to improve the skin condition. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, improves the elasticity of tissues, saturates them with oxygen and nourishes, so that the face begins to look younger.

You will naturally reverse the effects of the past tense, and your skin will become more radiant and radiant, which can affect your well-being and self-confidence.


Rose Quartz Gua sha Stone-Properties

Rose quartz is a pink-colored mineral that comes in various shades-from pale pink to a more intense and darker pink. Considered stone of love and heart. This can help relieve stress and anxiety and strengthen your sense of security and emotional stability. It is often used in meditation and spiritual practices, as a tool for purifying energy and balancing the chakras.


Massage Effects of Corrugated gua sha stone

  • improves blood circulation, which increases its oxygenation and nutrition
  • makes the skin supple on the neck and face
  • helps reduce transverse wrinkles on the neck
  • evens out the complexion
  • removes toxins, gives your complexion a natural glow
  • relieves stress and anxiety, reduces tension on the face
  • getting rid of fatigue and negative emotions
  • simulates the contour of the face
  • it naturally stimulates the synthesis of collagen, that is, it rejuvenates the skin


How to prepare your neck and face for a gua sha stone massage?

Preparing for a gua sha massage requires two steps:

  • cleansing the face, neck and decollete,
  • apply a serum, oil, or your favorite moisturizer to your skin.
    • Massage with a grooved plate is quite intense, so I recommend that you use a suitable oil that lubricates the skin well. I recommend you, for example. prickly pear fig oil or anti-aging oil with vitamin E.


      Contraindications to gua sha massage

      • damaged skin
      • damaged veins
      • highly capillary skin
      • moles
      • cuts and bruises
      • extensive acne lesions
      • rosacea in the active phase
      • cancer diseases


      Gua sha Stone Cleaning

      After the massage, wash the plate with warm water and soap. From time to time, you should additionally soak it in salt water and expose it to sunlight (at least 10 minutes). This allows you to charge them and clear them of negative energy.


      How to massage gua sha with quartz stone?

      Gua sha massage with a grooved plate is quite intense, so it is best to do it a maximum of 2-3 times a week, for about 15-20 minutes.

      Plate massage each time we start with the upper part of the face., gradually going down in the direction of the arrows-Fig. 1 and along the numbered steps.



      Gua sha massage example - hamster reduction (product usage)


      You can find more videos on my website youtube channel.

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