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MINI NATURAL * jasiek anti-wrinkle pillow with seaweed and bamboo pillowcase

229,00  including VAT

Natural Anti-wrinkle Pillow Bye Bye Wrinkles With a bamboo pillowcase infused with seaweed, it has soothing and soothing properties for the skin. The travel mini size allows you to use the pillow as a nursery or when traveling.

  • reduces sleep wrinkles and prevents their appearance
  • the butterfly shape ensures good support of the cervical region
  • it takes care of the calm and comfortable (sleep also on the go)
  • reduces puffiness on the face
  • it has skin-nourishing and regenerating properties (thanks to algae)
The lowest price ( 13 July 2024 ): 229,00 
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Natural pillow Bye Bye Wrinkles MINI NATURAL bamboo coated with seaweed

Natural pillow Bye Bye Wrinkles MINI NATURAL Beauty Yoga with buckwheat filling and a pillowcase made of bamboo and seaweed will take care not only of your comfort during sleep, but also of the condition of your skin. Seaweed is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. They improve the elasticity of the skin and support its regeneration. In addition, they have an antibacterial effect.

The special design of the butterfly pillow ensures that the skin does not wrinkle or bend at night. This way, you will avoid the problem of sleep wrinkles, and your skin will stay smooth and supple longer (without deep wrinkles and furrows).

Do you like sleeping on your side? Remember that every night, lines of wrinkles are fixed on your face, which are very difficult to reduce and smooth out.

Where do they appear sleep wrinkles? Most often in the delicate eye area, on the temples, between the eyebrows (lion's wrinkle), on the chin and cheeks. If you want to avoid them — try sleeping on your back or choose a pillow with cut-out wings. This shape allows you to reduce the contact of delicate facial tissues with bed linen, and also provides a comfortable support for the forehead and jaw.
Dlaczego warto wybrać poduszkę przeciwzmarszczkową Bye Bye Wrinkles?


Why choose an Anti-wrinkle Pillow Bye Bye Wrinkles?

Manufacturing accuracy
More than 17 years of experience in a clothing company have taught me that quality is the most important thing. Already at the design stage, a large number of so-called testing and peeling prototypes were created. Later, it was time to test the pillow before it went on sale. Every detail counts.

Poland production
Pillows are made in Polish sewing workshops, so we support the domestic business.

National Institute of Public Health PZH Certificate
The pillow has been carefully analyzed in terms of chemical composition, mechanical properties and quality. You are sure that this does not have a negative impact on human health and the environment in any way.

Pillow design is patented
The final look of the pillow was created on the basis of many tests, tests so that it not only protects the face from sleepy wrinkles, but also serves as a support for the cervical region.


Mini Anti-wrinkle Pillow-what size is it?

Small pillow Bye Bye Wrinkles MINI NATURAL is an offer for people who do not want to part with their favorite pillow of standard sizes. It has the shape of a "pillow" or "mini-jasper", which is placed under the face on a regular pillow.

Mini Anti-wrinkle pillow is an offer for you if:

  • you travel a lot, fly by plane and sleep in a hotel
  • do you want to combine a large standard pillow with a smaller one that takes care of your skin
  • it happens that you fall asleep in the children's room or living room
  • you like to have an extra Yashka” on hand " — one pillow is clearly not enough for you

Do you want to know which pillow to choose? Take a look at the tutorial video I've prepared: Bye Bye Wrinkles Classic Natural vs Mini Anti-wrinkle Pillow


Mini Anti-wrinkle Pillow-size

Poduszka jasiek – rozmiar

Width of upper wings: 38 cm
Width of lower wings: 30 cm
Height: 25 cm

  • The pillow has the ability to adjust the thickness independently. This is a convenient solution for those who like to sleep on flat pillows. It closes with a zipper, so you can subtract or add the filling yourself.
  • The size of the pillow is measured flat and can change under the influence of filling.


Natural pillow with buckwheat filling

Pillow Bye Bye Wrinkles MINI NATURAL is a version for supporters of using the benefits of nature. It's full peeled buckwheat huskwhich provide a number of advantages.

  • Buckwheat has natural thermoregulatory propertieswhich means that the pillow maintains the correct temperature. It doesn't heat up too much, preventing sweating. It is cooler on warmer days and warmer on colder nights, which contributes to a comfortable sleep.
  • Buckwheat filling has a porous structure that provides good air circulation. This allows you to effectively absorb moisture and regulate the humidity of the pillow, which helps keep the surface dry and fresh.
  • The buckwheat husk filling is freely crumbled inside the lid. It adapts to the shape and contours of your body, so that your neck and head will have adequate support.
  • Pillow with buckwheat filling MINI NATURAL this can help you reduce muscle tone and stress. Its flexibility and natural properties will allow you to relax the neck and shoulder muscles, which brings relief, especially if you work in a sitting position, suffer from headaches, migraines or muscle rigidity.
  • Buckwheat-HYPOALLERGENIC MATERIALwhich means that it rarely causes allergic reactions. Thus, buckwheat pillows are suitable for people suffering from allergies, asthma or other respiratory diseases.
  • Buckwheat husk, thanks to its natural tannin content, inhibits the growth of bacteria and mites.


Bamboo and seaweed pillowcase — what are the benefits?

  • The shell is made of bamboo fibers with the addition of algae. It's a natural plant fiber, which means it's skin-friendly.
  • Bamboo has natural hypoallergenic propertiesthis means that it is less susceptible to collecting dust, mites, and allergens that can cause allergic reactions in sensitive people.
  • Fabric used it has properties that promote skin care. Soothes minor irritations, accelerates the healing of wounds and scratches.
  • Pillowcase it has an anti-allergic effect and antibacterial (supports acne treatment).
  • Bamboo is a plant that grows quickly and requires less water and pesticides compared to other plants grown for fiber. Therefore bamboo pillowcases are more eco-friendly than from other materials.
  • Seaweed contains natural moisturizers, such as hyaluronic acid, which help maintain adequate levels of hydration in the skin.


Natural Anti-wrinkle Pillow-Care and Maintenance

Pillowcase init is equipped with a zipper closure, with which you can easily pour the buckwheat husk filling into a container or glass dish. Then you can wash the coating according to the instructions on the label.

Attention! Buckwheat husks are not cleaned in the standard way. Only periodic ventilation is recommended, which significantly prolongs their health.


Additional information

The pillow is a hygienic product and is non-refundable.

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